Car Salvage Buyers in Austin, TX

So the car you’ve had since high school has finally broken down. Now you’re just left with memories and a pile of metal that you don’t know what to do with. Lucky for you, Top Cash Auto Buyers & Towing Services can help! Our expert team of car salvage buyers in Austin, TX, can give you the best price for your used or damaged vehicle.

We know that letting go of a car with sentimental value can be hard, but we can help soften the blow by providing competitive prices for your car.

What We Do

At Top Cash Auto Buyers & Towing Services, we buy damaged vehicles that are considered salvage by insurance companies. Salvage means that the cost to repair the damaged or broken-down car is more than the car is worth. But we don’t want your car to go to waste. That’s why our salvage buyers compensate you for the car as well as take it off your hands.

Our expert team then evaluates the car and salvages any parts that are usable. We can even collect the car for you with our towing services. So if the car is too damaged to take anywhere, our towing services can bring your car to us at a competitive price.

Who We Are

Top Cash Auto Buyers & Towing Services has been salvaging cars for 35 years, and we know how to keep you happy. Customer satisfaction is a priority in our business, which is why our pricing is competitive and our services are fast. We want you to be satisfied with your experience with our team.

If you have a salvage car you need to get rid of, contact our car salvage buyers today at Top Cash Auto Buyers & Towing Services in Austin, TX. Call us at 512-303-1644.